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Q: What the heck is “vIdea”? 

A: A brief video that sparks an idea!  


This concept emerged during a very cold (-40F degrees) morning while walking the trails of my property in rural northern Minnesota.  I was trying to text myself an idea about creating videos for students. With frozen thumbs, I typed out the word “video” but it came out as “vIdea” (even after several times)!  After my walk, and my fingers and face thawed, I realized the “vIdea” typo was a message from the universe. And when the universe sends you a message, you pay attention. 


Enjoy these vIdeas!  I hope they provide a spark for ways to incorporate leadership into your personal and professional life today.

Accountability Partners

Are you feeling stuck?

An accountability partner can keep you on track to move forward. These vIdeas help you identify and focus ways to develop your accountability partnership (and other relationships).  

The power of an Accountability Partner (2 minutes)

Becoming an Accountability Partner (2 minutes)

Providing effective support (3 minutes)

Cardinal rule for Accountability Partners (2 minutes)

New vIdea Coming

New vIdeas will be coming to help Spark leadership skills! 

Coming Soon!

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