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Meet Dr. Fierke

Dr. Kerry K. Fierke (pron. Fear-Key) has a passion to enhance the leadership skills, talents, and abilities of the people around her. This passion is based in part on her belief that we all possess untapped leadership potential. Leadership is not a position or a title, and it is not the exclusive domain of people in “power” positions. Leadership is a journey, and she encourages everyone to explore where it will take them. 


Forged in the Iron Range of northern Minnesota, Dr. Fierke carries with her the strength and perseverance required to survive, and thrive, in an environment that can be both beautiful and brutal.


After spending the early part of her career in management at several Fortune 100 companies like Honeywell Inc. and Medtronic as well as large health care systems, Dr. Fierke transitioned to academia full time. Since 2011, as a Professor in leadership at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy a top ranked college of pharmacy in the United States according to Business News Review, Dr. Fierke has taught leadership content in over 30 courses at the doctorate level and is a co-director of the program’s Leadership Emphasis Area (LEA).


Throughout her career, Dr. Fierke has done the deep work of discovering how leadership can be harnessed at every level of the human experience: at home, at work, and in the public eye. A global speaker on the subject, she lives her own legacy every day, creating, inspiring, and sharing the leadership skills she has honed through not only her academic work and research into reflective competence, but from the time of her youth carving paths through the north Minnesota wilderness.


As someone who believes in walking the talk, Dr. Fierke brings her considerable passion and energy to whatever she engages in, be it personal or professional.


Dr. Fierke holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, a master’s degree in Organizational Management from Concordia University in St. Paul, and a Doctorate of Education in Leadership degree from St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis.


Regularly, she discusses leadership insights and wisdom with her spouse of over 25 years, Dr. Gardner Lepp, and their three children. She feels deeply grateful for the beautiful natural surroundings of their home in northern Minnesota.

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Get Comfortable

Being Uncomfortable

-Kerry K Fierke

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