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My focus on pharmacy leadership education results in 130+ teaching hours on an annual basis representing over 350 individual students, as well as averaging 4-6 students on five-week APPEs each academic year. Throughout my tenure at the University, I have taught in 31 courses at the College of Pharmacy. These include 12 required courses and 19 elective courses in the University of Minnesota Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program, serving as a course director in 12 courses, both required and elective.

I am co-director of the Leadership Emphasis Area (LEA) at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy a 16-credit sequence of courses, leadership experiences and supervised, independent study aimed at developing skills in leading change. This includes an interactive overnight retreat for students enrolled. The LEA includes developing a vision change within an organization, assembling a team and working to create the change


As an educator, I have been successful in developing and sustaining new and innovative practices as well as transforming courses into a curriculum structure. Through these innovative educational programs and teaching methodologies, This educational impact was successful in publishing manuscripts on various pharmacy leadership education topics and conference presentations and led to the 2023 Induction into the University of Minnesota Academy for Excellence in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Which entails the highest recognition of excellence in health-related teaching and learning scholarship. Faculty members selected for this honor have contributed to developing a culture of learning at the University of Minnesota through innovation, creativity, and dissemination of scholarly works.

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