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Intention/Reflection (I/R)

An original educational tool, Intention/Reflection (I/R) practice, co-designed with Dr. Gardner Lepp, has also impacted pharmacy leadership education nationally. This work began in 2014 during International student experiences in Italy and Germany. Collaborations began shortly thereafter with universities across the nation. This collaborative team of practitioners presented at multiple national conferences 


Collaborations for the I/R practice have expanded beyond pharmacy into interprofessional education, specifically incorporation into an escape room activity attended by medical, pharmacy and nursing students. I/R work has also been integrated into the pharmacy leadership curriculum. In total, since inception of the original development of I/R in 2014 through 2023, scholarly outcomes include 6 publications, 19 presentations, 9 poster presentations. Highlights of this scholarly work include:

  • Lepp, G. A., Fierke, K. K., Friedrich, C. L., & Sick, B. (2023). How Intention/Reflection fosters student learning in an interprofessional experiential Escape Room activity. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice, 30(March).

  • Fierke, K. K., & Lepp, G. A. (2020). Intention/Reflection (I/R) practice to engage student leaders. Journal of Leadership Education, 19(2), 49-63.  doi: 10.12806/V19/I2/R4

  • Fierke, K. K., Lepp, G. A., Maxwell, W. D., Hager, K. D., & Sucher, B. J. (2019). Improving advanced pharmacy practice experiences with an Intention/Reflection practice. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 11(4), 394-401.
    doi: 10.1016/j.cptl.2019.01.002

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